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What is OIS?

When pictures/videos are taken using a handheld camera, any movement in the person's hand can cause the picture to be blurry or the video to be shaky.  For pictures this problem gets worse in low light conditions where the exposure needs to be longer to allow more light to reach the sensor. The longer the exposure, the higher the chance that the user will shake resulting in a blurry image. Alternatively, exposure times can be kept shorter and the gain can be increased (digitally amplifying the sensor signal).  This however, also amplifies noise (mistakes by the sensor in detecting the correct color) and results in grainy looking images. OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) is a method of counteracting handshake from the user and solves both of these problems by allowing the exposure time to be longer without handshake blurring the image resulting in clear, bright, low-light images and smoother videos.smaoisonoff