HTI Precision Manufacturing

Micro Assembly Process Technologies

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HTI's automated assembly process technologies are centered around the ability to fully automate handling and assembly of intricate components to avoid damage and enable the highest degree of precision.  Assembly process technologies can be customized to meet product specific goals.


 Component Placement / Alignment

  • Mechanical tooling from our world class tool operation enables assembled component positional tolerances down to 16 µm across multiple pieces of equipment and tooling
  • Adhesive backed polymer stamp/pick/place technology

Laser Welding

  • Primary experience with welding thin stainless steel components
  • Laser welding, spot sizes down to 150 µm (through 0.001" material)


  • Complex and intricate forming of hardened sheet metals
  • Formed feature position capability of ±10 µm

Cutting / Shearing

  • Precision shearing / cutting with low particulates and typical burr sizes less than 12.5 micrometers
  • Combined with innovative component etching techniques, capable of nearly eliminating particles in separation processes 

 Laser Geometry Adjust

  • Real time, high speed laser measurement and laser adjustment of 2D micro SST surfaces
  • Capable of achieving angular tolerances to ±0.30 deg at 1.5 Cpk

Automated Vision Inspection

  • Internal development of specialty automated vision inspection systems for attibute defects and variable size inspection
  • Generally capable of inspecting feature sizes down to 3 micrometers at high speeds

Die Bonding

  • Multiple die bonding platforms
  • Wafer die pick and place with position tolerances of ±10 µm
  • Conductive and structural adhesive dispense experience, multiple methods

Laser Polishing

  • Modification of SST surfaces to smooth out asperities and reduce surface roughness in small surfaces where less abrasion is desired

 Cleaning / Cleanliness Control

  • Experts in ultrasonic cleaning of sensitive components (optimization of cleaning efficiency while eliminating damage)
  • Various cleaning systems for different applications (aqueaus, plasma)
  • All manufacturing equipment designed for particulate control and promoting maximum product cleanliness

Automated Material Handling

  • High volume expertise at handling thin materials without damage
  • High speed / accuracy customizable robotic material handling equipment


  • Significant experience in both thermoform and injection molded packaging design
  • Injection molded packaging and cleaning solutions optimized to enable cleaning of product while in package for maximum product cleanliness