HTI Precision Manufacturing

Micro Assembly Manufacturing Overview

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HTI is a leading manufacturer of micro scale precision electromechanical products.  Our broad scope of operations including custom process / machine development, precision tooling, precision component manufacturing, and final assembly gives our customers a comprehensive solution that is difficult to match.  These capabilities are supported by strong engineering teams, rigorous state of the art manufacturing / quality systems, and high volume / low cost manufacturing experience.  With flexibility to handle small runs (10s of parts) through large scale continuous volume, HTI has assembly manufacturing options to meet your needs.

Core Assembly Processes

With a combination of HTI designed and off the shelf equipment, HTI has a number of core, highly capable manufacturing proficiencies for manufacturing thin, micro components.  Assembly operations rely heavily on our world-class tool design and manufacturing capability to achieve leading edge tolerances.

  • Precision locating
  • Laser welding
  • Forming of hardened, thin sheet metal
  • Shearing / cutting
  • Precision geometry measure & laser adjust
  • Automated / Custom vision inspection
  • Polymer stamp/attach
  • Adhesive bonding
  • Die bonding
  • Laser suface polishing
  • Custom metrology development
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Automated material handling and packaging


HTI's internal automation development is key to support cost effective, leading edge assembly capability for custom products, where off the shelf automation does not meet product peformance or cost targets.  Check out the video link on the left menu to get a better perspective on our automation capability.Machine_Design
  • HTI equipment design engineers are experts in developing solutions that maximize speed and precision
  • Internal machine design and build capabilities enable cost effective development, optimization and integration of equipment
  • Our vision engineering group develops leading edge vision solutions capable of high speed inspection of variable or attribute defects down to 3 µm in size

Manufacturing Systems

  • HTI assembly bays are contamination controlled to class 10,000 with product manufactured in class 1,000 mini environments
  • Internal component manufactuirng of sub components enables lower cost, better performing assemblies
  • Internal world-class tooling capability is a key enabler of our final assembly precision
  • Lean manufacturing, design for six sigma manufacturability, FMEA, and extensive application of quality sciences & management principles are all a standard part of our culture
  • Fully integrated manufacturing data systems for accurate retention of as-built construction and geneology
  • Data systems capable of collecting, storing, and managing millions of data points each week
  • Sophisticated manufacturing planning, scheduling, and product life cycle managment systems
  • ISO 9001, 13485 certified