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What is SMA OIS?

SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) also called Nitinol is a type of metal that "remembers" its shape.  For SMA OIS tiny SMA wire is used as the actuation component.  The phase transformation property of the metal is used to create the force and movement of the actuator.  SMA enables a very strong, small, but durable actuator.  For these reasons we also sometimes refer to SMA as "Smart Metal" Actuators.  To understand just how a SMA OIS actuator works, see our How SMA OIS Works page.


HTI Partnership with Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd.

Cambridge Mechatronics, or CML, a design and engineering company based in Cambridge, England, sought us out as a world-class development and manufacturing partner for their SMA OIS actuator for smartphone cameras. We entered into a collaboration agreement with CML in 2013 and since have been jointly developing the OIS actuator and manufacturing process for mass production. This product is ideally suited to leverage our quality and continuous improvement expertise and precision component manufacturing capabilities, including our automated photoetching, stamping, additive circuit and assembly processes.